Friday, May 19, 2017

Five Faves Geneameme

In a blog post this week Meg Carney blogging on the QSQ blog wrote about five books she has found useful in her research. She said "I have read many books in my search for information about my ancestors and the history of the times in which they lived. However, there are some that stand out and that I have found myself referring to again and again.  Here are 5 of those books."

I love bookish posts and was going to include Meg's post in this week's edition of GeniAus Gems but it gave me an idea for a Geneameme so I am singling Meg's post out for mention here.

As good little genies we all recognise the value of moving away from the keyboard and consulting print resources. I love to know what books other genies cherish,  Meg's list demonstrates that older publications along with new titles are all useful.

Herewith I announce the Five Faves Geneameme.

To participate in this meme simply pen a blog post sharing details of five books written by others you have found most useful in your geneactivities. Use the above graphic to decorate your post if you wish. Please let me know via a comment on this post or via another form of social media when your post is done and I will add it to a compilation that I will publish on this blog in early June.  

And Meg, if you read this, thanks for giving me this idea.


Susie Zada said...

OK - you got me!

Shelley Crawford said...

You got me too, but I didn't quite get to five.

ScotSue said...

My focus was more on books that have inspired my family history writing and undertanding of my ancestors' lives.


Jill Ball said...

Well you three are quick out of the starting gate. Thanks for you posts.

Susie Zada said...

You know what they say about the early worm? 😁


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